Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Van Alen Legacy: Blue Bloods 4 by Melissa De La Cruz

The Van Alen Legacy picks up where Revelations left off; Schuyler and Oliver are city-hopping in an attempt to hide from the Blue Bloods who think Schuyler had something to do with Lawrence Van Alen's death. Bliss Llewellyn's body is inhabited by The Visitor, alias Lucifer, and he's telling her to do very bad things. Allegra finally wakes up in the hospital. Yes, it sounds like a soap opera, and it is, but a well-written, entertaining, and interesting one. Melissa De La Cruz deftly weaves in enough historical and setting details to please more serious readers without losing the fast pace that sets this series apart. Look for Misguided Angel, Book 5, next year.
Grade 7+