Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rivers of FIre by Patrick Carman (Atherton, Book Two)

The Atherton series really picks up the pace with Rivers of Fire. Atherton has collapsed and Edgar has met Mead (Dr. Kincaid) and Vincent, who help him understand who he is and how Atherton came into being. They are on their way to the house of power, to what turns out to be a sort of control room for the planet. At the same time, Edgar's friends Isabel and Samuel are caught in the same place by evil Lord Phineas, who turns out to be more than he seems. Above ground, the villagers combine forces with the guards of the highlands to take on the cleaners. This book is action-packed, especially when compared with The House of Power (book one), and readers will appreciate new insights into why Edgar is so special. Don't miss the extras on the official Atherton website, including games. This series makes an excellent choice for a book club; our 68s middle school group is reading it now.
Grades 5 - 7.