Saturday, December 3, 2016

the thing about jellyfish by ali benjamin

Seventh-grader Suzy Swanson is in the unenviable position of losing her childhood best friend Franny twice: once when said best friend becomes popular, leaving Suzy behind, and again, after their friendship has ended, when Franny drowns during summer vacation. When she is told about Franny's death, Suzy sets aside her tears, stops talking, and sets herself to the task of proving that Franny, an excellent swimmer, was in fact killed by a jellyfish. Ali Benjamin's debut bestselling National Book Award nominee perfectly captures the agony of being a middle school girl who loses her closest companion to the dark side (in this case, the mean girls crowd). A fair dose of funny bits and a decidedly human supporting cast make TTAJ an exceptional read. A sweet, cozy, thoughtful book perfect for middle school readers who enjoy realistic fiction. Click here for Ali Benjamin's intro to the book. Grade 6+