Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Unknown Knowns by Jeffrey Rotter

You'll fall in love with ex-museum curator Jim Rath, the protagonist of The Unknown Knowns. Convinced that an underwater world, Nautikon, exists, he sets out to prove it to his wife Jean and anyone else who will listen. Unemployed, restless, and sweet, Jim winds up the victim of homeland security and a particularily paranoid and devious agent, Les Diaz.

Jeffrey Rotter has been compared to Vonnegut and Kafka, and based on this book, he deserves the comparison. I'm a huge fan of Vonnegut, and The Unknown Knowns didn't disappoint me in that regard. Rotter also brings to mind David Mitchell and Peter Carey. I'm looking forward to his next book; this one digressed at points (much like David Mitchell's Number Nine Dream) with the Nautikon subplot.

If you enjoyed Torsten Kroll's Callisto, you'll like this book as well.