Sunday, September 20, 2009

Omega The Unknown by Jonathan Lethem with Karl Rusnak

Omega The Unknown is an adaptation of Steve Gerber's classic Marvel '70s series, and in many ways, Jonathan Lethem has captured the weirdness of the original work in this parody of old superhero comics. Alieniation is the main character in this collection of OTU #1 -10. New York Times reviewer Douglas Wolk explains it best:

There’s a pompous omniscient narrator...but he actually pops up in person a few times; he’s called the Overthinker. There’s a weird-science plot device turned quotidian — magic anti-­nanotechnological table salt. There’s a teenage protagonist, Titus Alexander Island, who stubbornly resists readerly identification. (Raised by robots, he’s so detached and obsessive that it’s suggested he’s autistic.) And there’s a costumed hero, Omega, who’s mute, abject and nearly inscrutable; eventually, though, he explains his intentions — in the form of a brief comic-book story (illustrated by the avant-garde cartoonist Gary Panter).

Don't miss this one.