Sunday, November 22, 2009

earthgirl by jennifer cowan

Earthgirl starts out with a humorous incident: sixteen year old Sabine Solomon is riding her bike the wrong way down a one way street when she's pegged in the face with fast-food take out remnants thrown from the window of an SUV (or S.U.X, as she calls them). Sabine has it out with the driver, goes home, and becomes a minor celebrity when the whole scene is posted on youtube. Sabine starts blogging as earthgirl, becomes an eco-activist, and is embraced by the online community. She also meets and falls in love with Vray Foret (no - it's not his real name), a cute and cuddly guy in a band who also happens to be an eco-activist. Sabine's blog postings are authentic, with links to sites of interest to anyone curious about eco-activism. Her relationship with Vray has all the predictable turns and twists of any first love teen romance without being sappy or overly cliche. A fun, fast-paced read for fans of romance and/or environmental fiction. Don't miss Sabine's blog.
Grade 8+