Sunday, January 31, 2010

Impossible Things by Robin Stevenson

Cassidy Silver, grade seven, doesn't have any friends. Her engineer father is on a contract in the Middle East, her artist mother is busy pursuing her painting career and spending time at the homeless shelter where she volunteers, and, worst of all, Cassidy gets picked on by a group of girls at school, including her old best friend Chiaki. Suffice it to say she's having a crappy year. Then Victoria moves to town, her new teacher Ms. Allyson takes an interest in her, and she stands up to the bullies at school. A subplot that has Victoria using telekineses and Cassidy trying to master the craft doesn't go anywhere. The plot is predictable and the characters are overly simplified at times, but students who are victims of bullying may enjoy this easy to read book.
Grades 5 - 7