Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blood Ties by Sophie McKenzie

I read this with my 68s Bookclub and they absolutely loved it! Theo is 16, lives with his mom, and has never met his father. He's dark, tall, handsome, and a cool cucumber. Rachel is 14, lives with her parents and the ghost of her dead (and perfect) older sister Rebecca, and is convinced she's completely worthless. When Theo and Rachel meet each other and discover they are both part of a mad scientist's cloning experiment (played convincingly by Theo's dad)they team up to find out the real story. This is an action-packed page-turner told in the alternating voices of Theo and Rachel. The end leaves readers craving the as yet unwritten sequel. Give it to fans of Robert Muchamore's Cherub series; it won't disappoint.
Grade 6 +