Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Abandonment by Peter Rock

Pete Rock talking about My Abandonment.
Twelve-year old Caroline and her father are living off the grid in Oregon; they reside in a forest park, going in to town every two weeks for supplies and living a quiet existence. All is well until an urban jogger discovers them and reports in to the police. Caroline and her father are whisked away - her father is given a job and they have a place to live - but his paranoia increases and they flee their new life. What ensues is terrifying. You will root for Caroline as she tries to see the good in her father even as he puts her life at risk. The final chapter left me speechless and inspired, and I keep thinking of the last few lines: "He is beyond the reach of snow and sunlight. He stays close to me, following where I cannot see but can only sense him in that darkness below. In the soles of my bare feet I can feel him say my name." Don't miss it. Alex Award, 2010.
Grade 8+