Friday, May 14, 2010

Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

Sarah Ockler has written a perfect novel about friendship, secrets, loss, summer love, and growing up. Anna, Frankie, and Frankie's big brother Matt are best friends. The night of her fifteenth birthday, Anna and Matt become something more. Their blooming relationship is cut short when a car crash ends Matt's young life. Anna is left holding a sad secret she never intended to keep, and instead of nursing her own wounds, she acts as caretaker for Frankie. The girls agree to have a 'twenty boy summer' while vacationing with Frankie's parents in the beach town of Zanzibar Bay, but things don't turn out as planned. A sweet story with achingly real depictions of first love and the complexity of deep friendship. Nominated for the Teen's Top 10 2010. Give this one to fans of Sarah Dessen and Gayle Forman.
Click here to hear Sarah talk about the book. Grade 9+