Monday, November 15, 2010

z for zachariah by robert c. o'brien

Wow. Z for Zachariah was recommended as a Hunger Games alike by the young adult staff at Powell's books this summer, and I owe them big time! Robert C. O'Brien uses poetic spare prose to deliver a story that you'll want (and need) to read in one sitting. 16 year-old Ann Burden is the only survivor of a nuclear war. She's living on her family's farm and doing well, all things considered. Then a man in a green plastic suit shows up, and things get interesting. Told from Ann's point of view in a series of diary entries, this is a survival story par excellence, and will please fans of not only The Hunger Games trilogy, but of Cormac McCarty's post-apocalyptic tale, The Road, as well. Not to be missed. Incidentally, Robert C. O'Brien is the author of a childhood favorite of mine, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Another bit of trivia: he died before finishing Z, and his wife and daughter used his notes to finish the book. Grade 7+