Friday, December 31, 2010

Exodus by Julie Bertagna

Scottish writer Julie Bertagna has written what can only be described as an epic-dystopian-sci-fi-fantasy-LOTR alike! It is 2099 and most of the world as we know it is underwater. Mara lives on what remains of a small island she calls Wing. After yet another epic storm, the people of Wing decide to abandon their island in hopes of finding one of the mythic Sky Cities that Mara has heard about on her Cyberwizz (sort of like an ipad). CAUTION SPOILERS AHEAD! When the survivors of the journey arrive at New Mungo, they realize the Sky City dwellers see them as disposable. Mara manages to break into New Mungo and craft a plan to save the slaves and refugees. She also meets the Treenesters, who believe she is destined to save them all. This book feels like LOTR! Can't wait to read the sequel. Grade 7+