Monday, January 17, 2011

Virals by Kathy Reichs

Tory Brennan is bored. She has been living with her Dad on a small island off the South Carolina coast since her mom died, and she isn't exactly fitting in with the wealthy southern kids she goes to school with. Luckily, she makes fast friends with a group of island boys and the four of them form their own pack. While exploring a nearby island's research laboratory, they find a puppy and decide to save him from the experimentation he is obviously enduring. When Tory and her pack fall ill themselves, they realize they have been infected with a virus normally associated with dogs, and start manifesting doggy traits! In the meantime, they sniff out the trail (no pun intended) of an unsolved mystery, dig up a skeleton, and encounter a rude research librarian with a secret. Will the fun never end? Some readers may scoff at the occasionally loose plot, but those willing to suspend their disbelief will enjoy this fast-paced sci-fi fantasy thriller.
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Grade 7+