Tuesday, February 8, 2011

good eggs: a memoir by phoebe potts

I'm easily grossed out by 'body talk.' I don't enjoy discussions about bodily functions/disfunctions, excretions/secretions, or odors/effluvia. So, I stepped lightly into Good Eggs, which came highly recommended to avid readers of graphic novels such as myself. Much to my surprise, Phoebe Potts has managed to not only discuss all of the above, but draw it as well, without ever offending my sensibilities. Her story is told so comfortably and naturally that I forgot what was happening and just enjoyed the voyage. Although the thread throughout the story is her quest to get pregnant, this is really a story about her love for her husband, Jeff, and her return to faith. Highly recommended for anyone trying to get pregnant and the people who love them. Click here for the author's interview with Smith magazine.