Friday, May 27, 2011

the unwritten by mike carey and peter gross

Looking for a complex graphic literary fantasy? The Unwritten has a bit of everything: a broken father-son relationship, a touch of social commentary, plenty of literary references, and buckets of blood and guts. Although The Unwritten's central fictional character, Tommy Taylor, is often compared to Harry Potter, I think Carey must have used Christopher Milne's life as inspiration. Tom Taylor is the son of Wilson Taylor, the author of a fantastically popular series of 13 books, all featuring Tommy. Wilson skips town early on, and Tom is left to squeeze a meager living out of Tommy Taylor fandom (imagine soul-crushing con appearances). When it's announced that Tom isn't actually the biological son of Wilson Taylor, his fanbase turns evangelical, and he escapes to the notorious Villa Diodati in Switzerland, where Mary Shelley created Frankenstein. That's when the story really begins. Peter Gross' illustrations only enhance the pleasure. Click here for Comic Book Bin's interview with Mike Carey. Perfect for fans of The Sandman. Grade 8+