Monday, July 4, 2011

Life With Mr. Dangerous by Paul Hornschemeier

Life with Mr. Dangerous from Paul Hornschemeier on Vimeo.

Even better than I expected! When Amy's friend Michael moves to San Francisco, she breaks up with her creep of a boyfriend Eric, celebrates her birthday with her yawn-inducing yet tragic mother, has a series of encounters with less than desirable men, encounters unhappy hostile customers at her retail job, and ultimately realizes where she wants to be. Sprinkled throughout the narrative are pages of 'Amy Breis Theatre,' in which snippets of Amy's past are tragically-yet-comically provided. Paul Hornschemeier's illustrations exquisitely capture just-turned-twenty-six Amy's ennui and his creative use of color adds to the action. A supporting cast made up of Amy's overweight cat and her favorite television show (Life with Mr. Dangerous) nicely flesh out the book. Pair this with Jason Shiga's Empire State for a study of 'just friendship' between men and women in their early twenties. A perfect addition to any graphic novel collection and required reading for anyone serious about visual storytelling. Thanks to the wonderful Ms. van der Meer and her Creative Writing class for this gift. Grade 10+