Saturday, September 3, 2011

across the universe by beth revis

Would you make the choice to be cryogenically frozen if it meant waking up with your beloved family 300 years later? Seventeen-year-old Amy joins her parents in the icebox aboard the spaceship Godspeed, destined to land on Centauri Earth, but her plans are altered when she is woken up 50 years before contact. Elder, the dark, tall, and handsome future leader of the ship, is the guy who couldn't resist thawing her out, and their romance paired with the discovery of foul play on the Godspeed keeps this sci-fi adventure moving. Don't miss the cool 3-D interactive diagram of the ship on Ms. Revis's website! Book one in a planned trilogy, Revis's debut novel is a perfect match for sci-fi book clubs. The relationship between Amy and Elder will engage readers of realistic fiction or romance, and the use of alternating perspectives will keep even reluctant readers turning the pages. A must-read for fans of Ender's Game. Click here for the full YA Reads review. A Million Suns, the sequel, comes out in January. Grade 8+