Friday, September 16, 2011

Green River Killer: A Detective Story by Jeff Jensen and Jonathan Case

If you were born in the 70s and grew up in the Pacific Northwest, you know about the Green River Killer. Gary Ridgway murdered dozens of women in the Puget Sound region, dumping most of their bodies near or in the Green River. He wasn't captured for twenty years; detective Tom Jensen spent most of his career dedicated to the case. When Ridgway was finally hauled in after a breakthrough in DNA testing, Jensen spent 180 days interviewing the suspect, locating undiscovered bodies and eventually making a plea bargain with the killer, who received a life sentence without possibility of parole. Jeff Jensen, the son of detective Ton Jensen, tells the story of his father's lifelong dedication to providing closure for the survivors of Ridgway's victims without turning the grisly details of the killings into a sideshow. This isn't Gary Ridgway's story, it is Detective Jensen's. Jonathan Case's art is flawless and on par with the work of Adrian Tomine and Craig Thompson. Give this to fans of true crime or friends who grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Grade 11+