Monday, February 27, 2012

ready player one by ernest cline

18 year-old orphan Wade Watts is my new favorite superhero. He's a geek, and his physical world stinks: he lives in a miserable tiny trailer stacked five high with his unkind Aunt (and her fresh-out-of-prison boyfriend), he isn't particularly good looking, and he spends much of his time in an abandoned van in a junkyard. In his real world, which happens to be online in the OASIS, Wade is a champion: he's smart, he's witty, and he's a kick ass gunter. The OASIS itself was created in 2012 by brilliant programmer James Halliday, who has just died, leaving behind a treasure hunt hidden within his virtual reality universe. The first person to complete the quest inherits Halliday's billions and gets to control the OASIS. Of course, evil corporate goons step in, and the adventure begins. I know I'm in love with a book when I immediately send it to my friend Ami. This one was on its way to her in Seattle within minutes of turning the last page. Click here for a full review. Give RPO to anyone who grew up in the 80s, gamers, dreamers, and fans of Ender's Game. Grade 9+