Saturday, March 31, 2012

jasper jones by craig silvey

On a hot summer night in a small country town, local teen pariah Jasper Jones raps on book nerd-sensitive Charlie Bucktin's window, and leads him to a discovery that will change both of their lives. Laura Wishart, daughter of the town shire, and friend to Charlie, is found hung from a tree where she and Jasper used to meet in secret. Knowing that Jasper will be suspected of the murder, the boys hide her body in the river, and that is where the trouble, and their relationship, truly begins. As the summer progresses and Laura's disappearance is investigated, Charlie is faced with a host of hard truths: his parents' marriage isn't what it seems to be, his best friend Jeffrey Lu suffers at the hands of racists, and the local tendency to turn the other way rather than stand up for what is right has tragic results. The bitterness is balanced by the sweetness of Charlie's relationship with Laura's little sister Eliza; Mr. Silvey masterfully depicts the magic of first love as the two of them learn to love and trust. the A gorgeous, heartbreaking, lyrical coming-of-age story set in small town Australia in 1965 that is simultaneously dark and funny, JJ will appeal to fans of John Green and K.L. Going. It would also make an excellent alternative or additional read for To Kill A Mockingbird. Click here for the book trailer and here to listen to Craig Silvey talk about the book. Grade 8+