Friday, June 29, 2012

legend by marie lu

Fifteen year-olds June and Day are from different worlds. Day, the country's most wanted and elusive criminal, lives in the slums under the radar, fighting for justice against the Republic, the elite government who periodically poisons its own people in the name of science. June, born into a high-ranking military family, lives in an exclusive neighborhood and is training to be the next big thing in the Republic's ongoing fight against the Colonies (North America is divided in half). Day becomes the prime suspect when June's beloved older brother Matias is killed, and their paths intertwine in a confusing mix of suspicion, lies, friendship, and illicit feelings. The action-packed story is told in alternating chapters in the completely credible voices of June and Day. The incredible Ms. Lu has an undeniable talent for writing prose that is easy to understand yet complex and poetic enough to entice even the most reluctant reader. Legend is a fantastic, fast-paced, fun, and fresh entry in the young adult dystopian genre; when I read it I knew I had found a sure-thing recommendation for teens who loved The Hunger Games, Divergent, and dystopian fantasy fiction in general. I recommended this as a read aloud for a colleague teaching EAL and it was incredibly successful. Teens will eagerly await the sequel, Prodigy, that comes out in January 2013. Don't miss it! Click here for a full review and here for the book trailer. Grade 7+