Friday, August 10, 2012

tell the wolves i'm home by carol rifka brunt

14-year-old June Elbus has only had one love in her life: her city-dwelling, sweet, super-smart rather famous artist Uncle Finn. When he dies from complications of HIV, June is left behind clutching the string of a deflated balloon full of unspoken love and admiration, and the only person who might feel her pain, Uncle Finn's partner Toby, is strictly off-limits (her mother blames him for Finn's death). Lucky for June, Toby takes the initiative and sends her an invitation tucked into the special teapot Finn used during June's visits. An at once tense and close friendship develops between the two heartsick survivors, allowing both of them to hold on yet let go of Finn. Although this is at root a coming-of-age story, it is also about AIDS in the early days, regret, art, and family secrets. Highly recommended. Click here for the author's website and here for a full review. Grade 8+