Friday, September 21, 2012

fall for anything by courtney summers

When seventeen-year-old Eddie Reeves' once-famous photographer father jumps off of a building and commits suicide, he leaves behind little more than a two-sentence goodbye and a host of unanswered questions that are pushing Eddie towards her own jumping-off point. To make matters worse, her best friend, Milo, has taken back up with his Marilyn Monroe look-alike ex-girlfriend, her comatose Mom, who hasn't stopped wearing Dad's bathrobe, has completely checked out, and Mom's annoying best friend Beth has moved in to help them 'get on with their lives.' When one of her father's photography students, good-looking older guy Culler, shows up on the scene, he and Eddie pair up in an attempt to discover the why of her father's suicide, with surprising results. An honest and raw portrayal of suicide's particular strain of grief. Give it to fans of Nina LaCour's Hold Still. Click here for a full review and here for the book trailer. Grade 8+