Tuesday, October 16, 2012

glaciers by alexis m. smith

Glaciers by Alexis M. Smith from gerard donaghy on Vimeo.

This little book was just the thing after a long day of noise and action. Ms. Smith's writing has the soothing effect of a massage: "The cool fabric settles over her skin, and she thinks how this might be the first time in decades that a warm body has filled this space. She reaches behind her for the zipper and feels the fabric tighten around her as she draws it up to her midback, then stretch perfectly across her shoulders as she tugs it the last few inches up her spine. It's never the wedding dresses, you know... Not the death-do-us-part dresses. It's those first lovely dresses: the slow dance dresses, the good-night-kiss dresses. It's those first pangs that we hold on to." Glaciers is the perfect book for thoughtful, reflective readers. Give it to all the quiet, vintage-loving, introverted, lovelies in your life. Thanks, Alegria! Grade 9+