Monday, November 30, 2015

her animals by emily johnston

Seattle poet, essayist, and activist Emily Johnston's unforgettable book of environmental verse is meant to be read Puget Sound-side, which is exactly how I took it in: one section at a time each morning on the beach at Vashon with eagles flying overhead and ducks paddling a stone's throw away. Her Animals begins with an apology and ends with a plea, and in that way, it's a love letter to the planet, full of adoration, regret, and the quiet resonance of resignation that often comes when you know that it's likely too little too late. The book itself is lovely, all soft edges and chiaroscuro; if you are lucky enough to find one, avail yourself of one of the 99 specially bound and signed editions. The perfect holiday gift for fans of poetry, the quiet reader who has read everything, or the environmentalists in your life, Her Animals would also make a refreshing addition to the reading list for any Environmental Science course.Thank you, Peter and Joy, for bringing Ms. Johnston's gorgeous work into my life!