Tuesday, August 30, 2016

marrow island by alexis m. smith

Marrow IslandMarrow Island by Alexis M. Smith
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Twenty years after her father dies in an earthquake related disaster, journalist Lucie Bowen heads back to the island where it all happened. Although she is there to investigate the Marrow Colony, a group of environmentalists trying to remediate the damage done two decades prior, she ends up revisiting the past and rekindling a friendship with her childhood friend and sometimes girlfriend, Kate, who is still living on the island as a member of the colony. Part mystery, part romance, and part eco-thriller, this book is perfect if you are a PNW native or afficionado: it's set in Seattle, the San Juans, and other parts of Washington State. If you loved Station Eleven and are wanting more realistic post-fill-in-the-blank-disaster-pandemic-apocalypse fiction, you will find much to appreciate in MI: a lifelong love-friendship examined, a natural disaster paired with a man-made result, and a quiet calmness juxtaposed with chaos. Grades 10+

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