Wednesday, February 8, 2017

goodbye stranger by rebecca stead

Girlfriends Bridge, Tab, and Em are a self-determined set; they have Twinkie-sworn* to remain fight-free through their seventh grade year. Their pledge is put to the test as they navigate through conflicts both candid and contemporary - Tab joins a feminist club, Em finds herself in a selfie shaming fiasco, and Bridge isn't sure if her friend Sherm is just a friend. What I love most about award-winning Ms. Stead's latest is a notable absence of typically clichéd treatment of middle school life. Rather, her cast of characters provide a refreshingly real rendition of what it means to be human, not just a middle schooler. GS is a perfect match for tween or teen book clubs, and would be a welcome addition to reading rec lists for the same audience. Click here for a full review. Grade 6+

* a Twinkie-swear is not a Pinkie- swear